Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vintage Car Travel Game

I love the fantastic period art on this 1958 Milton Bradly Travel board game. An aqua green station wagon (with fins!) carries dad, mom, and the requisite two children away on a vacation. Everyone is so nattily dressed, like they just stepped out of a "Leave It To Beaver" episode: dad in a suit and tie, mom in a smart hat, the children in starched and pressed "play clothes"...what a difference from today's standard vacation ensemble of t shirts, shorts, and flip flops!

The game play is pretty simple (just spin, move, and follow the directions on each space that can help or hinder your trip) and typically '50s moralistic (one space reads: "children behaving --- driver speeds ahead 2").

I played this on my trip last week and sadly must report it's rather dull. But it still has great kitschy art value!

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