Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Park and Shop Game

For lovers of shopping and vintage board games, what could be a better fit than the classic  Park and Shop game? Park and Shop's origins date to the late 1940s, when civic authorities in Allentown, Pennsylvania worked with business leaders to solve parking difficulties in the town's shopping district. To overcome limited parking afforded by street meters, they created a then-revolutionary system of free lots surrounding shopping areas. Citizens would park (and walk) and shop. The system was such a success, it was made into a board game, later purchased by gaming giant Milton Bradley. There were several versions of Park and Shop over the years; this one dates from 1960.

The object of the game is to drive from home to the most strategically placed Park and Shop lot, then move your person to all the shops on your list, get back to your car, and make it home before anyone else.

You choose cards along the way that tell you what to do, like this one shown below: "You have 'created a disturbance' and have been arrested. Go directly to 'jail.' Stay two turns."


  1. Great timing, I've recently dug out my old (English!) version of Park and Shop and am looking into its history (as well as playing the game with the kids). Have you ever come across the original version by Traffic Games? I'd love to see how it differs from the 1950s version I have...

  2. Hi there, nope, I've never seen the original version (or the English one). I've heard that each version differs from the one before, though. It would be interesting to get each and compare them. Have fun playing!

  3. I've posted a few pictures of my version -- which is Australian, I've since learned! -- on my blog:

    To the best of my memory, it's quite similar to the 1953 version that belonged to my mother, with a few substitutions, like "gaol" for "jail", "billiards" for "bowling". There are a few mistakes as well: Hay, Grain and Feed becomes "Produce Store" on the board, while the cards keep the American reference.

  4. LOVE this game. Where can I find one?

    1. On ebay. I have a complete 1955 Australian edition up now

    2. On ebay. I have a complete 1955 Australian edition up now