Monday, September 7, 2015

Chiquita Banana Ride-On Toy

It's been a busy summer here, with not much time left for posting my latest finds. In fact, today is really the last day of summer for most people, as schools reopen tomorrow. But today is all about lounging outside and enjoying the sunshine, as Americans flock to beaches and parks for the Labor Day holiday.

And what better way to do that than by banana car? This fabulous 2 foot long ride-on banana was made in the late 1960s - early 70s and sold in grocery stores as a promotional item, along with its partner, the Heinz Pickle car, featured in the previous post.

For another unusual vintage ride-on toy, check out the Mr. Potato Head car.


  1. That's a cute toy.Nice to see you're back, I hope you had a great summer.
    It's so strange to me that companies aren't putting toys like these out now that it could mean videos seen round the world on Youtube when they did when only family and neighbors would see this sort of advertising.

  2. hilarious! good to see you back.

  3. Hey there! Ive been missing you!

    Love the banana! Very cute!

  4. wow came across your blog today by accident.. looking for a yellow "smurf" I have in collection.. realize it is called a Gnome now. Love your stuff... need to chat you up in the near Tracy..... wow, just wow... great stuff

    1. Thanks! Glad I was able to help you ID your yellow "smurf." I recently got some Empire Gnomes still sealed in their original packages...will have to post them as an update.

      You can chat me up at spudbrain1 (at) yahoo (dot) com. :o)

  5. Thanks everyone, I've missed you all too! Glad you're still here: it's been so long since I last posted! Trying to get back to to it; I have a backlog of new toys and things that I can't wait to show and tell. Will try to get to them soon!

  6. Love your profile pic.... especially barbie shoe on floor... hahaha

  7. This is so cool! You have a lovely blog. :)

  8. why u let me down i thought we had somthing wit da pickle car mannnnn what da hek dis hurts mi

  9. Hi there was just talking to my wife about my Chiquita banana ride toy that I got for my first birthday in 1969 in Detroit Michigan my grandparents keep it in there attic for 30 years they past and I guess it was sold or donated not sure but I rode the heck out of that beautiful machine it was my favorite toy does anyone no where I can find one would really like to have a peace of my childhood back thanks !!!