Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1920s Halloween Silhouette Lantern

Here's another amazing survivor of Halloweens past: this cardboard and tissue paper lantern. Made in the 1920s, it was intended to hold a real candle inside, just like the papier mache and pulp jack o' lanterns posted earlier. This one was used, but somehow managed to not burst into flames.

These lanterns have recently been reproduced, like so much other antique Halloween, so collect carefully.


  1. Oh my...I love, love, love vintage Halloween! You've got some great pieces Tracy!
    And yes, it's very difficult to collect it these days because there are some pretty good fakes out there! I agree...collect carefully!
    Hope all is well!

    1. Hi Michelle! Glad you're enjoying the Halloween posts. I bet you've got some tremendous stuff yourself! I've been meaning to tell you: I've got one of your bears on my desk at work now. He makes me smile when things get stressful!