Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Fortune Telling Cake Charm Set

These fortune telling charms were typically hidden in slices of cake at parties and were a favorite Victorian holiday custom; this set is circa the 1940s. If the recipient managed to not swallow the charm, they could look up its fortune on the enclosed sheet. The thimble meant you'd be an old maid, the button indicated a bachelor was looking for you, and the baby predicted...well, babies.


These charms look like they've seen a lot of cakes.


  1. What a find! Is the box marked as to a maker?

    1. I don't see anything, but I have another fortune telling game (just a flat, spin-the-wheel type) with the exact same witch and cauldron illustration (but no charms in the cauldron) and that one was made by Beistle, I believe. They're currently locked in my library display case, but I'll take a closer look when I remove them in a few days.

      I have another set of fortune telling cake charms too, but they are not a Halloween themed set. The charms themselves are virtually identical, but the box is blue and white, and just has an illustration of a cake on it.

    2. Okay, I've taken them out of the display case and I can get a closer look now. The box says "J. Levinsohn Co." and "New York 3, N.Y." on the top flap.

    3. Thanks so much for taking the time to look this up. I really enjoy seeing your collections. You find the most unusual items!


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