Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Antique German Dollhouse Dishes in Original Box

A tiny treasure turned up at a local antique show this past weekend. An unassuming 4 1/2 inch long cardboard box half-buried in a pile of miscellanea caught my eye. Upon opening it, a tiny teaset, serving dish, utensils, and itty bitty napkins in rings were revealed, all stamped Germany, circa the 19teens-20s. Even the strings that originally held the items in place were still attached to the base of the box. It's always a thrill finding things like this!

The box featured silhouette decorations of a young couple, as if this was meant to be a dollhouse wedding gift:

Inside, tiny treasures!

For a sense of scale, the serving dish (still with its spoon!) measures just under 2 1/2 inches wide, including its handles; the teapot is 1 1/4 inches to the tip of its lid; and the napkins are 1 inch long.

Everything the new lady of the (doll)house needs for a tea party:


  1. Very, very nice! I love it.

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  2. Do you know I think it's the first time I've seen a serving dish with its own spoon, and the napkins ,with NAPKIN RINGS...Wow!Do you get goosebumps when you find something that awesome?
    Not in the same league at all but I found a perfect Cynthia doll in a thrift shop bin a couple of years ago and when I accidentally pressed into her back and she spoke-she still had a record inside and an old battery-it took me back to my childhood so fast I nearly passed donor had taped two more records on her tummy.I felt so lucky- but this is so pretty I feel lucky just for having had a chance to see it. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures with us.

  3. That's a GREAT story about your Cynthia and her records! I would have nearly passed out too! Clearly she had just been waiting there for you, to tell you to buy her. :)

    And yes, I DID get goosebumps when I opened this up: I think I audibly gasped and even did a little "happy dance". It's a good thing the price was already clearly marked, or the dealer, after seeing my reaction, could have charged me something horrendous for it. (On that topic: don't you just hate it when things aren't priced at antiques shops, and you have to ask the owner the price of everything, during which time they're sizing you up to see what they think they can get out of you? It's one of my antiquing pet peeves...)

  4. OMG!!! Great find Tracy Girl!!!! YIKES!

    I bought a doll a few weeks ago AT A YARD SALE...must be from about the 60's for sure...she's wearing go go boots...still in the box with all of her little trinkets and only $3.00! I was so thrilled I NEARLY PASSED OUT! We're a breed of our own hey girls?

    I do hate that when things aren't priced and just yesterday at Sally Ann...I found a pair of hard leather "Buster Brown" baby shoes from possibly the 60' beautifully worn it was price! I thought they'd be perfect for one of my old bears for sure! I took them up to the counter and the lady there said..."well, their obviously a real treasure and a bit collectible I'm sure and normally I'd have to say about $5.00 but since you like them so much..." and I don't know where she got that from! I usually remain very quiet in a situation like that for fear they will jack up the price....but she said "for you, $2.00." I was very relieved but ready to put them back if I had to. We all have our stories hey?

    Thanks for sharing so many great finds Tracy! It's always so fun to visit your blog!

  5. A beautiful treasure, what a great find.

  6. Antiques without definite prices are really a nuisance but all too frequent in a tourist trap city like mine.Actually even in places that do indicate prices you can notice the Grand Prix "tax" being tacked on to items a fortnight before the actual race.
    Then again,that place where I got the Cynthia,Sharpies the prices on items in the "as is" section ,especially dolls!!! so that if I hadn't figured out how to get rid of that ink I'd have passed on many great items.
    Meanwhile have you ever noticed that used booksellers are the exact opposite of many antique dealers?I've often had prices slashed on books by sellers who saw how much I loved an item even when I was ready ,willing and able to pay the set price.
    Michelle,I agree we really are a breed apart,in a world obsessed with the latest,gaudiest thing, a gorgeous,tiny tea set from another era caught our eye...