Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage Rocking Horse

This rocking horse was the first toy I found at an antique show last weekend. Although its design is quite simple (just a flat wooden cut-out horse, like those used on shoofly rockers), it has a certain primitive charm, and it's in amazing condition with all of its printed detail still intact.

The horse measures 35 inches long, including the rockers, and was made in the 1930s by Mengel Playthings of Louisville, Kentucky. The company was originally a manufacturer of playground equipment, but they became famous for a Lone Ranger's Silver rocking horse they produced in the late 1930s. 


  1. I purchased one of these rocking horses but not as good shape as this one but still nice. What do you think the value of yours is?

    Thanks love all the info and this is the only place i could find anything on your little rocker!


  2. Hi! It does appear to be a rather scarce horse: this was the only 1 I'd ever seen. He was valued at $75-100. In poorer condition, I'd guess about $45-65, depending on the damage.

  3. Hi,
    Do you sell the pieces you find? If so, how much is this rocking horse going for?

    1. Hi, sometimes, but I'm afraid this one isn't available. I've seen a couple of others since I found this one, and they're generally priced around $65-75.