Thursday, July 14, 2016

No, I'm Not Dead

Sorry, it's been ages since I posted, as some of you have pointed out to me! I've been busy getting married, buying a house, and moving...the last of which has been quite overwhelming. The movers have just finished hauling my 250+ boxes of toys and books, along with my coin op horse ride, the playground spring animals, and a vintage carnival duck pond (Sigh: I haven't even gotten to show you that yet! Or all the stuff I found on our antique toy hunting honeymoon! Or the most recent Christmas haul! Or my first ever attic pick, where I got dibs on an attic in an old house full of 110 years worth of one family's treasures...oh, it was incredible!)  Anyway....we bought a condo, and some downsizing will sadly be necessary....I may have a virtual yard sale of sorts here soon!