Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marx Electric Robot and Son

The Marx Company made this fantastic robot in the 1950s. Called the Electric Robot and Son, he stands over a foot tall, and has some really cool features, like a pull-out tool box in his tummy (the red rectangle just above his "belt"), a metal radar antenna on his head, and light-up eyes. If you're wondering what the "Son" in his name refers to, well, originally he came with an adorable little robot who dangled from his pincer hand. Sadly, my robot's son has gone missing. We all hope he'll turn up someday...


  1. I like your style!

  2. What are these robots worth. I have 2 red ones one in box with son and one out of box. I think i also have a blue one.

    1. I don't really know...I got mine quite awhile ago. Best way is to check completed listings for sold items on eBay.