Monday, August 3, 2009

Antique Lithographed Dollhouse

This was my first antique dollhouse. Dating from right around 1900, it was made by an unknown American company emulating the famed Bliss dollhouses. This firm's products are similarly made of lithographed paper over wood, and open from the front on a hinged door. The oversized wallpaper is original to the house. These are commonly called "Gutter Houses" because of the molding along the roof line that resembles a gutter. This is a particularly small example, measuring about 13 inches high by 9 3/4 wide and only 4 3/4 deep. It's been a bit of a challenge finding furnishings small enough for this house: so far we have a teeny tiny stove, a rocking chair, and a tin trunk, along with an antique German all-bisque dolly. Looks like she's baking today...

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