Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vintage Disney Haunted Mansion Game

If I had to choose one vintage board game as my most favorite of all time, this would be it: the classic Disney Haunted Mansion Game made by Lakeside in the 1970s. Based on the beloved attraction at Walt Disney World, the game beautifully recreated its scenes and specters.

I had this game as a child, and my sister, cousins, and I played it over and over, until the game literally disintegrated. Last year, I finally decided my nostalgic yearning was strong enough to justify paying the steep asking price for a decent example. Now, we play it again, but very, very carefully!


  1. I agree! One of my very favorites! So sad I've lost mine, all but one of the ghost couples... I think my step-dad sold it at a garage sale after I went to college... :\

  2. Like most of the toys I had in the mid 70's, my Haunted Mansion was given to younger cousins and eventually got lost. I liked it so much, it was such a nice game. The design was cool, and all the little pieces were adding to the appeal of this game. I have been looking at auction for 2 years now...I resist but one day I'll just pay up and get it back too :)

  3. Hi Tracy. I am going to try to build a refreshed version of the game. I need a lot of pictures though. Would you be willing to take pictures of all the parts and send them to me? Hi resolution with no glare so I can reprint them and attach to chipboard and 3d print all the plastic parts. If you agree, I can send you my email address so I can communicate in more detail.