Monday, January 18, 2010

Pooped Postcard

I haven't been able to post much so far this month: been too busy (undecorating from Christmas) and sick (a wicked cold) and tired (from both). On my first antiquing foray of the new year, I found this vintage postcard titled "BOY! AM I POOPED!" that seemed a fortuitous find. Dating from 1957, it was sent by a couple of soldiers to a friend back home.

The message reads: "Hi Kilo. Curly + I went to the races Sunday. Had a big time. Got loaded as usual. Hope you are O.K. Will be down to see you one of these days. Your old pals (illegible name) + Curly."

I've said it before in my old postcard posts, but I have to say it again: everyone seems to have had such colorful names back in "the old days." I wonder what Kilo, Curly, and their illegibly named friend are up to these days...


  1. Love the postcard! Hope you are feeling better - I've missed reading your posts. Also, by the way, the new header is great! So much fun... The dropped shoe is a splendid touch:)

  2. Thanks SO much for your comments: I had no idea anyone was missing me! It's nice to be missed!

    The dropped shoe was actually accidental: I didn't notice it had fallen off until after I had taken the picture. I said to myself, "oh crap, now I have to redo it"...but then I thought, "hey, it actually looks pretty cool, like she lost a shoe struggling with the sex-crazed robot" I left it. Glad you liked it!

    Stay 'tooned: I've got TONS more new stuff I want to post, including a vintage Barbie house, a German toy village, and a fantastic Victorian rocking horse I just found today!