Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Barbie Display

My library is currently doing a "theme month," and the theme is Collecting. (Yes, I had a little input on this decision...) We're focusing on dolls and teddy bears, with a doll collecting club coming to talk about Barbie, and me giving a presentation on antique teddy bears (more on that later). This week I put in a display of vintage Barbie dolls in one of our cases. It's really hard to take pictures of this particular case because of its dimensions and location, but here are a few views.

 Ken and Allan kick back.

Ken and Barbie, about to enjoy some refreshing beverages.

 New and old Barbies.

A very sultry Bubblecut Barbie.

The official trade-in Barbie from 1967, with the new "twist n' turn" waist, bendy knees, and "real" eyelashes!

Mod era Barbies lounge about.

A peek at some of the vintage Barbie accessories.


  1. I don't collect Barbies but WOW! What an amazing collection!

  2. T, i had your blue barbie case except it was shiny black will understand my story: an old lady at the thrift shop had it in her shopping cart, and i flipped out when i saw it and offered her some cash just so I could buy it instead. i ran to the check out lane and didnt look back. vintage barbie head and wigs were in the case too. the good ol' days of thrifting... your collection is the tops though!!

  3. That's a great story, PP: what an incredible thrify find!

    Hi Michelle,

    Yeah, I didn't collect Barbies either, until a year ago. I decided I needed to have one for my toy collection (what's a toy collection without this iconic doll, you know?) and her 50th anniversary year seemed like a good time to get one. Well, as you can see, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop at just one Barbie....