Friday, February 4, 2011

Romantic Sausages

While not technically a valentine, I thought this odd, 1911 postcard was romantically-themed enough to qualify. Definitely one of the strangest postcards I've ever found...


  1. Well, it depends. We had a sausage last night for dinner that was so good, I should have taken a picture of it to preserve the memory - or make a valentine.

  2. If it was a sausage patty, you could use a heart shaped cookie cutter on it...

  3. That is a GREAT postcard. I have no beef whatsoever with meat puns.

  4. Me neither. Let's do some more!

    -Was this sender sincere, or full of baloney?

    -The guy who sent this was really a ham.

    -Other bloggers, feel free to link to my links.