Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1950s German Dollhouse Grocery Shop

I just don't seem able to resist these German dollhouse shops. Just when I think I've seen all the varieties there are, another one turns up. This one, from the 1950s, is in a great modern style, a wonderful contrast to my antique versions.

 Measuring a whopping two feet wide, the wooden shop in a period-correct salmon pink color features a fruit and vegetable stand and an unusual pastry case.

The stand holds fruits, veggies, cheeses, sausage, and a rather macabre (by today's standards) pig's head, all made of chalk:

The pastry case is filled with tiny breads and cakes:

The shop came absolutely packed full of what to appear to be its original miniature boxes. My favorite is the "Wackel Peter" package:

There are only three drawers to this shop, which appear to be all it ever had. Kaffee = coffee, Zimmt = cinnamon, and, according to Google Translate, flaumen = flood. Hmmm. Ah, Google thoughtfully asks if I meant "pflaumen," and, if I look closely, I see what may be a "P" trapped under the left side nail, in which case pflaumen = plums, which seem much more likely than floods to be stocked in a grocery store. 

Two of the most interesting items in the shop were these miniature glass bottles of refreshing beverages:

 My family of 1950s Schuco teddy bears are just the right size (and vintage) for this shop. Looks like they're stocking up on cake (and pigs heads...)


  1. You seem to have cornered the market. Oh, very bad pun...another cup of coffee, please.

  2. It's like what the Jetsons would call an antique!

  3. something makes me want to draw with the chalk foods.. except piggy head. what a neat little grocery!

  4. mmmm, cake and pig head. Let's have a picnic!

  5. alrteach@aol.comThursday, March 24, 2011

    I have one of these - very similar, 50's turquoise, white back drop, red trim , red heavy plastic drawers - came with vintage food containers, skates, pans, surf board, bowling pin, broom, bucket........
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