Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Playtown Meat Market

Dollhouse grocery shops are some of my favorite miniatures to collect. The tiny accessories (cans, boxes, packages, fruits, veggies, cheeses) are fun to find and stock the shelves with. This particular shop has a more limited product range, and it's one that will definitely not appeal to vegetarian readers.

The Playtown Meat Market was made in the 1940s -50s by Playtown Products Co. of New York. Playtown sold a whole range of these little shops, averaging 7 inches tall, including a bakery, general store, grocery shop, supermarket, and a fabulous luncheonette. (Click here to visit a great website featuring many of the Playtown Shops.)

The shops came filled with tiny items.
This one still has most of its original stock,
plaster meats housed behind sliding doors.

The market is just the right size for the contemporary Flagg Family Dollhouse Dolls, who are stocking up their freezer.


  1. This has to be the sweetest little thing I have seen for a long time..
    Best things come in small packages..
    Love it!

  2. Oh, I like these! Say - I haven't asked you recently when you plan to open your toy museum.

  3. Ooh! Would love to find one of these. There could be so many creative uses for Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares Photography!

  4. Soooo cool!! And that's a 'legitimate' question from Christine ;)