Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fisher Price Coaster Boy

The Coaster Boy, made for only one year, 1941, is one of Fisher Price's rarest and most sought-after lithographed wooden pull toys. 15 inches long, the coaster features an attached, jointed wooden boy. As the wagon is pulled, the boy pushes it along, then he hops up onto the wagon, and coasts! After a bit, he hops off and pushes it again. All the while, a bell rings, so you know he's coming. You can imagine the kind of hard play these would have gotten outside, which, combined with their brief production run, makes them so rare. Just an amazing and beautiful toy.




  1. Yet another Fisher Price toy that I've never seen. I wish I could see this treasure in action. Sounds very amusing. I wonder why the production run was so limited.

  2. And to think I almost missed this because I was so busy this weekend. This is really an amazing toy.