Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Troll House and Family

I already had a couple of these vintage 1960s troll cave houses, but when I saw this one still filled with its original owner's much-loved trolls, their extensive wardrobe, and even a pet elephant, I just had to have it. That's a lot of vintage troll awesomeness in there.

The trolls are a Dam wearing a wonderful felt dress with flower applique; a Scandia House with beautiful green eyes and a charming outfit; and a tiny gumball machine prize troll in her original wrap and hair bow.

Dam troll with baby.

Gumball prize troll. She has a cool '60s bouffant!

Scandia House troll with bright green eyes, 
wearing a lovely pink and yellow ensemble. And shoes!

The troll sisters also had a pet: a blue troll elephant 
from a Japanese knock-off line called the Lovable Uglies

Uglie, and yet so Lovable.


  1. holy cow! are those troll clothes handmade or manufactured originals? i love the wild white hair... i still pine for the cheerleader troll w/ long white hair that i let slip away years ago.

  2. All manufactured originals! It's hard to find vintage troll clothes in such good condition: this was really a treasure trove of a cave house!