Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Milton Bradley Bigfoot Game

Bigfoot, he of the infamous giant footprints, scored his own board game in 1977. A scarce find today, it's one of my favorite monster themed games.

 If this Bigfoot was meant to look friendly, the artist really missed the mark. He is clearly considering eating these children.

Players select pawns, which appear to be mountaineers, explorers, or possibly Bigfoot hunters.

The game track takes players through prime Bigfoot habitat, including snowy slopes and dense forests. A mining town, lumber mill, gold mine, and supply store appear to offer shelter.

The pawns are moved according to the roll of the dice, but if they land on a Bigfoot space, a subsequent roll moves the monster, a hefty plastic figure, along the track:

As Bigfoot crosses or lands on a pawn, he dispenses a disk, which may or may not bear a footprint. If the print appears, that pawn is out of the game. Last player left unstepped upon wins!

 This is good.

This is bad.

To learn more about Bigfoot, or possibly to report a sighting of your own, contact the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. (Oh yes: there really is one!)



  1. What a great collectible. I do have to agree that Bigfoot is definitely going to eat those children on the cover. It appears that the girls are the main course and the boy is possibly dessert or a midnight snack. Also, if we find out what town this gameboard features, we can finally find out where Bigfoot resides, right?....right?......

  2. Exactly! The big cave with the sign will be the tipoff...

  3. I have the Bigfoot game. When you stamp the Bigfoot on the pogs, it makes such a satisfying click! I have to dig that game out of my parents game cubby!

  4. I loved this game! Sadly, we sold it 20 years ago. What a mistake!

  5. If every you are interested in selling this, I could make my husband a very happy fella - lol.

    1. I wish I could help you, but sorry, I'm very fond of my Bigfoot game. However, there is one on eBay right now with Buy It Now available. It's pricey ($95) but still in shrink wrap.

  6. I found one among my "treasures" in my parents attic. It still has most of the shrink wrap on it, never even opened or played with

  7. Some of my game pieces are missing .The ten disc and was wondering how many cards there are suppose to be?
    Anyone willing to sell me parts ,please let me know?
    Thank you