Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Strato Bank

Can you believe banks in the 1950s used to give away things as cool as this, for free?  It's true! The Strato Bank was a promotional item given out to young customers, encouraging them to save their pennies, nickels, and dimes. The 8 1/4 inch long, cast metal mechanical bank originally had labels on the sides identifying its affiliated institution.

After loading a coin on top of the spaceship, a spring loaded mechanism blasts it into the moon with the press of a button. Super, super cool.

The coins go right in front of the little red plane on top of the spaceship, and the button just before the tail fin shoots them away.

I think we'd all like bankers a lot better today if they still gave us things like this.


  1. Tracy, I love your blog. I found some little plastic figures similar to your R & L ones, but not quite. I can't find them anywhere on the internet, do you think you can take a look at a photo and tell me what you think they might be?

  2. Tracy,
    I have had one of these STRATO BANKS since I was 5 or 6yrs. old. Was playing with it again today. I keep it on top of my bedroom dresser. Couldn't resist shooting a coin into the moon again. Couldn't help but wonder what this thing might be worth (dollar wise) these days. Can you help?

  3. Hi there, I'm afraid they're not terribly valuable, as so many of them were given out. Used ones seem to be in the $25-50 range, mint examples a bit more. But they are fabulous toys, and a lot of fun to play with!

  4. Hi Tracy,
    My brothers and I had one of these we shared as kids. I guess one of them has it now but was wondering if I could find one for myself. I haven't seen any on Ebay. Do you know of any for sale?

  5. Hi Phil,

    There are tons of these banks out there now, so it shouldn't be too hard to replace your childhood one. I just checked at ebay, and there are quite a few listed. Just type "strato bank" in the search bar, and you should see them. You'll want to compare them, b/c prices vary widely. A typical good price is in the $30-45 range there. Good luck!

  6. Hello all...I've been researching these intriguing promotional toy banks for the past several years now, and even had the opportunities to donate full sets (of nine) to several prominent American museums.

    The Smithsonian:

    I changed the name of my company from MacDaddyBanks to Space Truckin'