Monday, January 9, 2012

Wind-Up Doggies

We spotted these two little wind up doggies at an antique flea market just before Christmas. Probably German and circa the 1930s, they measure 4 and 1/2 inches long. When their keys are wound, their tails spin in wild circles, while the ears on the larger dog flap back and forth in spectacularly comic fashion.

The littlest dog wears a red felt sweater. He reminds me of Asta, Nick and Nora Charles' dog in the Thin Man movies.

The doggies are just the right size to hang out in my doll kitchen.


  1. Ahh they're CUTE !!! Lovely in your kitchen. Gr. Nancy

  2. Cute Dogs Tracy...wherever did you find these? Janice

  3. We found them at a flea market in New Baltimore, at the Civic Club. Very flea-ish, except for 1 dealer who had fantastic old toys and Christmas decorations. We also got a 1930s Santa in sleigh with celluloid reindeer from the same source. I think there's another market coming up in February.