Sunday, April 22, 2012

Torpeauto Tin Toy Car

I found this funny little toy car at an antique show recently, still with its original box. The 3.5 inch long car is made of pressed tin and has a friction motor. When you push down on the little driver's head and then let go, the car zips away. It was made in Hungary and came in lots of different paint designs, but always with the same goofy little driver.

Close up of the driver, with his handlebar mustache.

The Torpeauto box.
How to make it go.


  1. What an awesome car. I believe I would have grabbed that too. So, since you're a collections type collector, can we expect you to eventually find the other color variations of the car?!?

  2. Oh, I've already begun, approximately 20 minutes after finding this one...