Saturday, May 26, 2012

Superhero Stuff

Here are some snaps of a superhero themed display case I installed at my library for the month of May. Each year in May the comics industry sponsors Free Comic Book Day, a promotion run through comic shops that offers free comics to visitors. Public libraries have also begun participating in this event, and many run related events like superhero parties and comic drawing classes.

We had a really fun superhero party, and the display case served as additional advertising for the event. I filled the case with vintage Mego action figures, board games, Halloween costumes, and more. See what you can spot!

Vintage Batman and Batgirl costumes, a super-cool Bat-hat, and the Mego Batmobile.

A fantastic Fly Man costume.

A vintage Batman and Robin board game with spectacular graphics.

An old Captain Atom comic and a Mego Hulk.

Have a Super Day, everyone!


  1. Your display looks awesome. I have sent emails to the local librarians here about putting together a display of antique toys or miniatures that might relate to a theme, but I haven't heard back from any of them. Any advice ?

  2. It's been my experience that most libraries are usually looking for people to volunteer and fill their display cases, so you just might have some less than enthusiastic librarians where you are. I'd keep trying: maybe stop in and ask in person. December is a good time to offer an antique toy display; I usually do one and call it "Toys of Christmas Past."

  3. Absolutely grand Tracy! As always. Here you are with yet another vast collection theme. Why am I not surprised! Love all the items.

  4. Hi Brian,

    Glad you liked it! I figured you probably would! It was a really fun display to do. I felt kinda sad taking it all down at the end of the month...

  5. Fly Man Halloween costume along with so many other goodies down there near one of the comics I inked! - Doug Hazlewood

    1. Hi there, and oh my gosh: which comic did you ink?!