Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mr. Potato Head Picnic Pals

We're just about to head out for our Fourth of July picnic, so it's the perfect time to post one of my favorite vintage Mr. Potato Head sets: his friends the Picnic Pals, created in 1966.

The Picnic Pals were some of the most unusual items ever released in the Potato Head line. There were 6 characters, all featuring plastic heads with separate bodies: Frenchy Fry, Mr. Ketchup Head,  Frankie Frank, Mr. Mustard Head, Willy Burger, and, to wash it all down, Mr. Soda Pop Head.

From left to right: Frenchy Fry, Mrs. Ketchup Head, Mr. Mustard Head,
Frankie Frank, Mr. Soda Pop Head, and Willy Burger.

The Picnic Pals came with specialized accessory pieces made just for them: onion slice ears, pickle noses, and eyes the color of ketchup or mustard.

The Pals were sold in two ways: the first was the rare complete set box, shown below, which contained all the characters plus their original Potato friend.

A rather sinister looking Willy Burger and his henchman, Frankie Frank,
appear to threaten a trembling Frenchy Fry in this box art.
Not sure what that's all about.

The second variation was a tall, slim box with colorful art work, which included one main character, a condiment or beverage buddy, and a Mr. Potato Head.

For some unknown reason, Willy Burger is the hardest to find of the Picnic Pals, although they are all much more scarce than the regular Potato Heads.

We're off to our picnic to eat some of these.
Hopefully ours won't be staring at us.


  1. Hope you have a fun picnic. I love the hot dog! I have a little bag of plastic ants for them.

  2. I had no idea Mr Potato Head had so many friends! Frenchy Fry looks like he may have had a little too much champagne ;)

  3. Love your blog! I forever have Don Rickles voice imprinted whenever I think of Mr. Potato Head...I'm having fun thinking of who would best represent Frenchy Fry and Frankie Frank. :-)

  4. Hello Tracy, I marveled at his collection of funny faces, especially those of Salvador Dali, congratulations.
    Best Regards.Egon

  5. Thanks all: glad you like 'em! They're some of my very favorite toys.

  6. I think I love the hot dog best. They are all quite wonderful, though.

  7. Hi Gwen! I'm thinking they would make great subjects for one of your paintings...