Monday, December 31, 2012

Children's Antique Sleigh

This year's most extravagant Christmas present was something that turned up in a local antique shop, a picker's rescue from an old, old house. It took my breath away when I saw it, and so after some budgetary soul-searching, it lived in layaway for a few months, making it out just in time to go under the tree (and just before our big snowfall came.)

This children's sleigh dates circa the 1870s. 30 inches long, the little sleigh is all-original, with much of its beautiful stenciling still intact. What makes it really special is its shape. Nineteenth century children's sleighs sometimes came in novelty shapes, most frequently a swan; this, however, is the only one I've ever seen in the shape of a lady's shoe.

See the shoe? It forms the side of the sleigh, white with yellow and red outlining:

The sleigh has seen heavy use and was coated in coal dust from decades of cellar storage, but many beautiful details remain:

I've loaded the sleigh up with antique doll and teddy bear passengers, all ready for a ride:


  1. This is just a phenomenal piece. I'm glad you didn't hesitate.

  2. What a beautiful sled, I love the old paint- it reminds me of the folk art on old chairs.
    Congratulations on a great find!

  3. Thanks, I'm happy to know others see the beauty in it too.

  4. What a great piece - I love your scene with the all of the toys. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year - Troy

  5. Tracy, I have a similar sleigh, think mine might be Concord Coach company. Original paint and it has a handle so it can be pushed like a baby carriage. Do you have any idea where I can post it online to sell it? And how to find a value? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi! I don't know the maker of mine: there is an old label, but it's illegible now. Ruby Lane is a great venue for selling online. For values, try searching eBay for similar items that have ended to see what they went for, and search Ruby Lane for similar sleighs. There's a lot of price variation in sleighs/sleds based on all sorts of factors, so it's hard to say.