Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Christmas in July

I rescued these from someone's trash on my way home from work tonight: a life-size, light up plastic reindeer and his snowmen friends. Can you believe someone threw these out?! Me neither.


  1. Especially the deer! Glad you saved them.

    It may be a strange coincidence that I saw a plastic light-up pumpkin out on the curb today. Is this national Get Rid of Unused Holiday Cheer (GROUCH)Day? I know...the acronym would really be GROUHC, but I'm using up that leftover egg nog, so looks like GROUCH to me!

    1. Oh, I hope someone saved the poor pumpkin! And I like the idea of Get Rid of Unused Holiday Cheer Day...imagine the pickings!

  2. Great save Tracy!! That would be an awesome day Christine & Tracy.