Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Witch Candy Container

Every fall I hope to add a piece or two, if I'm lucky on the hunt, to my collection of antique Halloween stuff. This year, I found a wonderful old candy container.

Measuring just under 6 inches tall, this container dates circa the 1930-40s, and features a black robed witch atop a pumpkin. It's made of a pulpy composition type material, like so many of the jack o' lanterns from this time period. 

Originally it would have been filled with candy or nuts, and the young owner would have retrieved them by removing this wooden plug on the underside.

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  1. Love it! I collect the bunny containers. Janice

    1. Oh, the bunnies are so cute! I don't have any bunnies myself, but I do have a dog, a pig, and a chicken on an egg, all German and discovered in the attic of an old house recently. I'll have to post them soon.