Monday, December 1, 2014

Antique Santa Claus Postcard

December is here at last, the toy collectors' favorite time of year. This month I'll be featuring a variety of Santa Claus themed items from my collection, including candy containers, decorations, and a rare board game from 1890.

First up is this fabulous postcard, circa 1906. The colorful card depicts a busy Santa listening on the wireless station at the North Pole. Looks like he's receiving lots of orders (I got mine in early.) Note the Northern Lights flickering overhead.


  1. Hello, Tracy!
    I think this is a very unusual card .
    Santa's a lot of good cases) How nice to see the gifts of his kind face and beautiful northern lights

  2. Love the graphics on this card. Cannot wait to see that boardgame. We are having a scavenger hunt in the store this Saturday evening from 4 to 5 with dealer discounts on most booths from 4 to 8. Stop on by if you can. Janice

  3. Glad you both liked it! Janice, I will try to come by the store Saturday: it sounds fun!