Monday, October 26, 2015

John Winsch Halloween Postcard, 1914

Photos don't really do this antique Halloween postcard justice: it's one of the best in my collection, and my very favorite. Published by John Winsch of New York in 1914, it features fantastic, tiny illustrations of a witch and ghost in a hot air balloon, fending off veggie people clinging to the anchor rope, while a bemused gnome watches the excitement from his airborne bat.

Some close-ups reveal the detail of these imaginative illustrations.


  1. Love you Halloween postcards! Bob and I had fun at Marvin's! Thank you for inviting us! Janice

  2. Hi ya Tracy! Love the cards! Halloween is still my most favorite time if the year!

  3. that is delightfully strange!

  4. Hi Tracy, I know you haven't posted for a while and you aren't strictly dolls, but as one of my favourite 'doll blogs' I have nominated you for the Great Doll Blog Award. Just nominate 5 others with 5 questions of your making, and let them know they're nominated. Then answer these 5 questions, and have fun!:1. What is your favourite doll in your collection and why?

    2. Do you still have any of your childhood dolls?

    3.Have you ever considered, or even attempted to design your own doll?

    4. Do you do most of your doll shopping in person or by mail?

    5. Do you attend doll shows? Are there even any in your area?