Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage Allan Doll

Found at the same time as the mod doll case in the previous post (in fact, it was found in the mod doll case) was this vintage Allan doll, companion to Barbie's friend Midge. (I don't have a Midge, so we pretend my Allan has eloped with my Barbie instead.)

Allan was initially only made for a couple of years, from 1964-1966, but this one managed to amass quite a wardrobe in that time.

He's got swimwear (including a snorkel, mask, and fins), tennis togs and shoes, a letterman sweater, jeans, khakis, bermuda shorts, a bowling shirt, polka dotted boxers, pinstriped pajamas, and loads more. Some of my favorite pieces are shown below:

I especially like the two-tone shoes
and the stripey socks!

Allan came in his original outfit of blue swim trunks, striped beach jacket, and cork-soled sandals:

Here he models for us his color coordination skills:



  1. With classic clothes like that, he doesn't even have to be cute.

    Now, I hope you'll excuse me for going of on a tangent - it's about Midge. A few months ago I was bitten by an insect. I saw it land on my arm, felt a sting and saw it fly away. It looked harmless, but by the next day it had swollen up and was red and hot to the touch. It itched intensely and took many weeks to go away. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I looked online and found out that I had been bitten by a midge, which immediately made me wonder why anyone would name a girl or a doll after a nasty stinging insect.

    I think what I'm saying is that Allan (and you) may be better off without her.

  2. Exactly so! I've often thought Midge was an awful name. May as well just call her "gnat". Poor Midge: she never had a chance against Barbie, what with her unfortunate pug nose, wiry red hair, and face full of freckles. Those cruel Mattel designers... Although, Midge DID, in my opinion, get the cuter boyfriend. Ken really was rather a dork, I always thought. So I guess Midge did all right after all!

    p.s hope your midge bite is all better now.

  3. OMG!!! Aside from the horrible stinging insect and the pain and agony of it all, the conversation about Midge, Barbie, Allen and Ken is hilarious!
    Damb bugs!
    Hope you get better soon Christine!
    Tracy....great finds as always!

  4. I have an Allan, too, and yes, he is cuter than Ken. I love seeing your Allan with all his fashions. I have at least one pair of the two-toned loafers, but alas, none of the striped socks. Precious! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I purchase him never bothering to purchase a Ken doll. He is a cutie! Thanks for sharing him.