Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Amazing Magic Robot Game

One of the coolest robot-related items in my toy collection is this, "The Amazing Magic Robot" game, made in England by Merit in 1953.

Look how excited those kids are! That's because it's AMAZING!

The game contains several sheets colorfully printed with trivia questions and their answers. The Amazing Magic Robot, 2 1/2 inches tall, is placed in a circle on the question side of the board, and turned to the position of the query you would like to have answered. When picked up and placed on the answer side, he Amazingly! and Magically! spins and points to the correct answer. (It's done with magnets, somehow.)

The Magic Robot himself appears to be made from a smaller version of the Archer Space Men's robot mold. He's a cutie.

The Amazing Magic Robot is not only amazing, he's also 
Ingenious, Mystical, and Infallible!

And judging from this illustration, he's intent on world domination...


  1. Oh, I loved this game when I was little - my sister and I used to play with it when we visited a great-aunt's house. Much later we got one ourselves, I think, or encountered one somewhere else - it didn't seem quite so magical when we were older, but we loved it when we were little.

  2. My brother had one of these around 1960 and I used to sneak into his room and play with it when he was out. I thought it was absolutely marvellous. He always found out when I'd been playing with it because he'd deliberately put it a certain way and knew it had been moved. Happy memories.

  3. That's a great story: thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. We had one too and come to think of it, I cannot remember what happened to it. We loved playing with it. Fantastic.

  5. How much did that game cost then and do you know how much its worth today, in box and original condition? Thanks.

  6. Sorry, I don't know what it cost originally. Easiest way to get a current value is search completed listings on ebay; I bought mine at a yard sale years ago, so I don't really know what a current value is.

  7. oy en dia cuanto costaria uno juego en su caja