Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teddy Bears' Halloween

My miniature Schuco and Steiff teddy bears have agreed to pose for a Halloween photo, carving their pumpkin. The large scale antique dollhouse table and chairs are just the right size, and featured in last summer's birthday photo, too. The bears date from 1910-1950s; the furniture is early 1900s American; and the backdrop is by Edward Gorey, from his Dracula Toy Theatre.

"We love pumpkin carving!"

"Ewww...I don't think I want to stick my paw in you?"


  1. Thanks, thanks!

    PP, your new bears are fantastic!!!

    Oh Norma, I meant to tell you: my mom was totally flattered by your cupboard-refinishing job offer. I printed it out for her to read, and she has actually hung it on her refrigerator and shown it to visitors. I'm worried that she may think you're serious, and that an all-expense paid trip to New Zealand is in the works!

  2. Oh Tracy, I'm falling about laughing!! You can assure your mother that if I had the cash to buy her a ticket I'd do it in a flash! Mind you, with the exchange rate going the way it is I'm getting richer by the minute ;)

  3. A great ensemble indeed. I love the Gorey backdrop. I hear a knock at the door? I think it might be my two missionary friends stopping by for some milk and pumpkin pie.