Friday, February 10, 2012

Vintage Valentine: Difficult to Describe...

This antique valentine dates from 1903 and retains its original cord, which made it possible to hang it up as a decoration. It was illustrated by R. F. Outcault, the creator of The Yellow Kid comic strip and the Buster Brown advertising character. It's from a series Outcault did featuring these recurring characters of a rather scary bear and a scruffy little dog. Doesn't the bear look rather lascivious? Or hungry? Or both? And what the hell is the dog talking about?! Baffling, weird and kind of creepy!


  1. So it seems Goldilocks may not have wandered into the 3 Bears' home accidentally after all.I knew that story she made up about getting lost in the woods was nonsense. She was looking up the Baby Bear.

  2. I posted a couple of Outcault valentines three years ago. I didn't realize the bear is a recurring character. See link: