Friday, April 10, 2015

Heinz Pickle Ride-On Toy

The winter weather has finally begun to lift here in the north, and that means it's time to get back outside. Let's head out with one of my favorite vintage ride-on toys: the Heinz pickle car. 

Made in the late 1960s-early 1970s, the pickle ride-on was apparently a promotional item featured in grocery store displays. Measuring 2 feet long, the sturdy plastic pickle had a companion piece, a ride-on Heinz ketchup bottle, which is even more elusive than this scarcely seen toy.

For another odd vintage toy vehicle, take a look at my Mr. Potato Head ride-on.


  1. Love this! Yes, I love garage sale time for these kind of finds!

  2. how much dis picklemobile be sir/ma'am

  3. how much dis picklemobile be sir/ma'am

  4. yo yo yo answer my question dog boi i needa know my homeboi gettin maried and he needa car

  5. By the looks, the same company may have made the Life Savers roll ride toy that I had in the same era. Handle was the same design, only white. Wheels were also white. It was quite an unstable toy and would easily dump you on your butt. LOL

  6. Made by Worcester Toy Company. They had quite a number of different ones, based on pop culture food items, etc. Wheels were revised once, not sure if it added that much to stability. The mold for the Life Savers roll toy like I had was re-used for the Campbell's Soup toy.

    David Baltzer
    Watkins Glen NY