Monday, September 28, 2009

Antique Postcard: Lemon Lady

I'm nearly as fond of old postcards as I am of old toys. This is one of my favorites, because of its anthropomorphic subject (see earlier entries on Mr. Potato Head, one of my most loved playthings).

This card features a fantastic character on the front: a lemon lady with a gentle, bemused smile, wearing a lovely green ensemble. The caption reads: "I'M LOOKING FOR A LEMON SQUEEZER."

Many postcard collectors seem to prefer their cards unused, but I enjoy seeing the messages penned on the back by the original senders.
As best I can make out, this one was sent to a "Miss Leafa Fuller, State Sanatorium, Howell, Michigan," on November 18, 1912.
It reads: "I received your card all O.K. Was glad to hear from you. How are you any way. I am O.K. Harley helped thresh here the 12 of Nov. I joined the M.E. Church Sunday. I am not going to school any more. I will be 16 the 19 of this month. So I won't go any more. Georgia Bowen and Miss Slater sang in the choir Sunday. Lavern + Beulah went over with me Sun. Hoping to hear from you soon. I remain your friend Lucilla," and a circled p.s. relates that "Clara Cooper has got a boy baby."

Fascinating stuff! First of all, what fabulous names: Lucilla, Harley, Lavern, Beulah, Leafa, Clara. You just don't see names like those anymore. Reading this, I wonder: why was Leafa in the sanatorium? Did she get better? Did Lucilla grow up and find true love? How did Clara's baby boy turn out? What was the M.E. Church? Did Harley like threshing on the farm, or did he really want to run away to the city and become an accountant? It's like a little soap opera on the back of this card, and we've come to it halfway through the season, unfamiliar with the plot lines...

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