Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty

One of the oddest toys ever made by Fisher Price, its 1957 Humpty Dumpty was advertised as a crib and pull toy. The strange, double-sided item is made of lithographed paper over wood and measures 10 inches long when fully extended. One side features Humpty pre-fall, sitting on his brick wall and smiling merrily (albeit with creepy, huge, wobbling eyes). The other side shows Humpty post-fall, splayed upon the grass and sobbing. In the center of the toy, a small yellow ball meant to represent Humpty's "yolk" spins freely, and jingle bells attached to each of his arms ring as the toy is pulled along. A crib toy? Not unless your intention was to give your infant nightmares, I'd say...just look how he stares at you...

It's Easter: eat an egg today!


  1. what would you charge for a toy like this?

  2. They seem to be selling between $50 - $100 right now, depending on condition, based on a completed listings search on eBay. Prices for vintage Fisher Price have plummeted in this bad economy; a few years ago it would have commanded a much higher price.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes, it's one of my favorite FP pieces.