Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fisher Price Rock A Bye Bunny Cart

Dating from 1940, the Rock a Bye Bunny Cart is one of the earliest of the Fisher Price Easter carts, items that were cleverly designed for use as Easter baskets as well as pull toys. The 12 1/2 inch tall wooden toy features great lithography of a grandpa bunny, with separately attached arms that actually rock the cradle as the toy is pulled. The cradle could be filled with Easter grass, candy, and small toys and gifted on Easter morning to a lucky child. The Rock a Bye Bunny Cart is hard to find, as its production run was brief, and the moving mechanism was susceptible to breakage. It's one of the most charming antique toys I've ever seen, and I really treasure mine.


  1. I used this pic for my homework, and i really want one! They're so pretty, sweet,and unique!!

  2. I have one that belonged to my Mother dated 1932