Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1932 Fisher Price Big Performing Circus

One of my most beautiful circus toys, and one of the hardest to find, is this, the Big Performing Circus made by Fisher Price in 1932, its second year of business.

 The centerpiece of the set is a 16 inch long wooden circus wagon, complete with doors that open, a roof that lifts off for easy access, and a pull string. The wagon was actually strong enough for children to ride on, and it came filled with beautifully lithographed jointed wooden animals, along with props for them to perform with, like barrels and ladders, and a clown to organize the whole affair.

The large number of pieces and the heavy play use this popular item received over the years makes them scarce today. Fisher Price went on to produce circus themed playsets right up to current times, but this is by far their most wonderful.

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