Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Women

Yesterday I found this set of five little late 1800s Frozen Charlotte dolls at an antique store. They're wearing very old dresses, handmade by a young owner long ago.

They're each just 2 3/4 inches tall, which makes them the perfect size for my latest dollhouse. Here they are, loitering on the front porch:

For a sense of scale, here they are nestled in a child's antique teacup:


  1. Pity the troll who knocks on their door and says Trick or Treat.

  2. Yes, they do look rather like little witches in a haunted house, don't they? The one at the front of the teacup has a particularly grumpy expression, I think...

  3. Just the perfect dolls for your dollhouse. Very special too have such old dolls.
    Gr. Nancy

  4. yet another amazing score!! you must have toy radar!

    btw, i have some dawn dolls for ya.. if u want them.. send me an email :))

  5. I was thinking they just didn't like being in a teacup! They look much happier in front of their own house - though with five sisters, in novels, there's always at least one who's stern, and a frivolous one, etc. Their old handmade dresses are great - they really add to their character, as they're all a bit different.