Saturday, July 16, 2011

Antiquing Trip to England: Day 9, Faversham

On our way back to London the day before we left England, we stopped at one last town, Faversham. This area was inhabited in prehistoric times, and was home to a Roman settlement before becoming a thriving medieval market town.

One of Faversham's most famous landmarks is its Guildhall, first built in 1574! On the day we visited, it was hosting a plant and flower sale.

 Faversham Guildhall.

Buildings in Faversham were rich in architectural detail. Particularly eye-catching was this gargoyle, adorning the front of a stationery shop housed in an 18th century edifice.

For such an old town, Faversham was rather lacking in antique stores. Fortunately tour leaders Terry and Doris came to my rescue again and led me to a lovely one, which had an equally lovely old bear sitting in a child's wicker chair in the window. (He's not visible in the photo below, as I had already snatched him up. At lightning speed.)

 See the empty chair on the left in the window? 
That's where my latest bear had been sitting,
moments before this photo was taken.

This was a beautiful antique shop, with a wonderful, huge, old fireplace inside, and lovely soft lighting.

And here's the bear, as found, about to be wrapped 
up for the journey home:

With his purchase, I completed my teddy tour of England by finding a bear in every town. (Sometimes more than one bear!) This one was very special, though. Purchased by the shopkeepers from the original owner, he had belonged to a little girl born in 1930, who received him the year of her birth. He went through the war with her, was much loved, and it shows. He is a very characterful bear, and one of my favorites of the whole trip. Doris kindly gave me some hand knit bear sweaters she found in a charity shop, and once he had put one on, he looked much more comfortable.

 His button with its WWII slogan gives us all 
good advice for difficult times: 
keep calm and carry on! 

Today, we tried something different from our usual scones: Brown Derby, a very odd dessert comprised of a plain brown donut, refried, and served while still hot with a heap of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts on top. It was good!

If you look very closely, you can just see the donut on the bottom.

Finally it was time to head home, after a fabulous 10 days in England on the trip of a lifetime. My suitcases were full of great finds, while my checking account was (almost!) empty.

My carry-on bag.

A group photo at home.


  1. Oh...dear friend...I'm in awe of what you came home with! A terrific little HUG of friends indeed!
    Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your journey with us Tracy!

    Hugs to you,

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic trip with us. It's so great to see all the items, shops, architecture and the experiences.

  3. You're welcome! And I'm really glad you've enjoyed it!

  4. phew! what an amazing trip! Your last bear resembles an old Chiltern (?). He and all the ones you adopted are fab!

    (Damn you Brown Derby... damn yoooou!)

  5. What wonderful pictures of our little town! Thanks so much for posting them. I moved to Faversham about five years ago, and love it here. :D