Monday, July 18, 2011

Swift's Space Guide Advertising Premium

This 1950s space guide is one of the coolest advertising premiums I've come across recently. Released by a meat products company called Swift's, the 5 1/4 inch space guide has a turning wheel and die cut windows that reveal all sorts of interesting astronomical trivia. Need to know the surface temperature of Mars? Just turn the wheel and find out.

If you find yourself wondering, as I did, what meat products have to do with outer space, the connection is revealed on the back of the guide:

I believe this is the same Swift's Premium Company that distributed this ham shaped charm or watch fob in the 1920s (seen here in the kitchen of an old dollhouse).


  1. That' pretty cool. I guess it's all in the marketing. That little sink is great. Is that painted tin or enamel/porcelain?

  2. The sink is painted metal, part of a whole line of similar dollhouse furniture made by Tootsie Toy in the 1920s-30s. You can see more here: