Friday, July 1, 2011

Wow! We're In Magazine Articles!

(A momentary digression from the trip reports of my recent collector's tour of England.)

One of my antique dollhouse shops was featured in an article in the current Dolls Houses Past and Present, an online magazine devoted to dollhouses and miniatures. (Actually, we were in the last issue too, but I never got around to announcing it.) We were extremely flattered at being asked to contribute articles.

And, the current issue of Bears and Buds, an online teddy bear collecting magazine, has an article all about the tour of England I was just on. You can get a glimpse of  me in one of the photos: I'm the one holding the big (and heavy, and very awkward to carry down the street) dollhouse, which I have yet to tell you about...)

(More trip reporting coming soon!)


  1. Congratulations Tracy! It's a great article and the work your mom did was superb!

  2. Congrats Tracy! You deserve the great exposure for your collection and your great trip abroad.