Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Here are some photos of my Christmas decorating.

First up is a vintage bottle brush wreath I covered in kitschy ornaments.

Next is my old 1940s TV with a vintage miniature village inside.

I used one of my old gumball machines to create a little scene reminiscent of old department store windows, with some vintage elves and trees.

My Hoosier cabinet hosts a collection of vintage Santas, snowmen, elves, trees, and houses, along with my favorite bottle brush tree, a pink monstrosity.

And my old coin-operated horse sports a wreath for the season.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    These are great, especially the TV. I am sorry I got rid of so many things that should have gone to you, although there's no way I could have shipped Zoltar to you anyway. He was really enormous. However, since you seem to put all of this stuff to good use, I wonder if I could send you a box of what's left over of my treasure. If you're interested, go to my blog and you can send an email from the profile page.

  2. Thanks Christine, that would be fantastic! I LOVE getting packages of treasures!