Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grandmother Stover's Toy Tree

This is one of my most favorite vintage Christmas decorations ever! It was made by Grandmother Stover's, an American company that manufactured dollhouse miniatures and tiny novelty items in the 1950s and 60s.
Measuring about 8 inches tall, it consists of a heavy cardboard die-cut Christmas tree strung with cords that are just loaded with charms, favors, and tiny toys, including a miniature harmonica, an itty bitty dexterity game, a roller skate, cups and saucers, a little tin streetcar, tiny dolls, and lots more.
The box the tree comes in is rather deceiving: it looks just like an old stationery package, thin and flat, and gives no hint of the amazing object within. In fact, I almost passed it over when I saw it in a pile of Christmas junque at an antique store, assuming it held old cards or handkerchiefs. It was a big surprise to open it and discover this amazing item inside.


  1. I'm on a quest looking for more of these :-) I have 6 so far and only one like yours with the box. I also have one that is sooo covered with charms, the tree is hardly visible. Enjoy yours and Merry Christmas...lol...Bob

  2. Hi Bob,

    That must be an impressive sight at Christmas time: all your toy trees set out together! They must be addictive, because I want more too! :0)

  3. I have one,Bob. What would it be worth to you? mine has many more toys than the one pictured above. And in my research...I can find none that are not 'worthpoint' or Ruby lane. (Very spendy-and you have to join ). email me at majkjems@comcast.net..subject: G'mothers stovers toy tree. Hope you get to see my message and all of you have a great holiday season 2021.