Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blonde China Head "Pet Name" Doll

For a break from all the valentine posts, here's a much-loved toy: a 14 inch china head doll with the rarer blonde hairdo. She's from a series of dolls made in Germany by Hertwig from the 1890s - early 1900s with their names factory-painted on their shoulderplates. This one is "Agnes," and, as can be seen from her raggedy body, she was much-loved by her young owner. Miraculously, her head has remained intact and lovely after all these years...




  1. Speaking of dolls, I just sold two fabulous Galluba and Hofmann naughties through Ruby Lane. If you're interested, check out the pictures at:,id=0,since=7.html
    Thought you might find them interesting!

  2. I took a look: those were cool! Antiques Roadshow just had a little feature on these dolls, too: did you see it?

    I liked your Katzenjammer Kid, your lady duster, and your penny low-brow china head doll!