Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Norfin Troll

I love vintage toy trolls, but am partial to the earliest ones dating from the 1960s. This large 9 inch troll is a bit more recent (1977) but she represents a big moment in troll evolution: the creation of the Norfin model by Dam, the originator of the vinyl toy troll. Norfins were a huge departure stylistically from the first toy trolls, with cuter, more child-like faces and less rigidly posed, sometimes even jointed, bodies. Norfins are still being manufactured today, but they are now made in China of cheap plastic with brash, synthetic hair. This early Norfin was made in Denmark by the Dam Company of high quality European vinyl with a gorgeous mohair wig. She's still wearing her original felt tunic and hair bow, and is in practically unplayed with condition. Even though Norfins aren't quite my style, this was a special one, and a steal at only $6 from a toy show vendor last week.


  1. My mother wouldn't let me have barbies, so I had trolls. It really messed with my body image, because I always thought I was supposed to be short and stubby with really big eyes, something I could never achieve.
    O.K., just kidding, but seriously, what was missing back in the 60s was clothing for trolls. They really missed out on that opportunity. My favorite accessory for trolls at the time was cocktail umbrellas.

  2. You thought I was joking about this...and so did I, but now that I look at what I posted today, I see some odd resemblances in hands, eyes, and general stubbiness. Scary!

  3. You're right! Definitely a resemblance in the eyes and hands. But you were much less squat. :)