Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dotty Teddy Bears

Just got another bear made by Peng Peng, teddy artist extraordinaire: Domino, this little 4 1/2 inch panda wearing her fab polka-dotted dress. Here she is with her new friend, my 1950s British Merrythought teddy who is also into dotty fashions.
I love the Merrythought's big nose: 
it gives her such a comical look.

Here's Domino doing a little spring cleaning 
(she's overly optimistic: we just got 6 inches of snow yesterday...).


  1. I love the picture of Domino with mop and bucket.

    I won't be surprised all all if I come to your blog one day and you have a post showing the new house you had to buy to house your toys. Buy now while the buyin's good.

  2. They are both so cute, and putting them together more than doubles it :)

    If they get fed up with the winter at your place feel free to pop them on a plane and send them over here to Australia for some sunshine...