Saturday, February 13, 2010

Much-Loved Schuco Wind Up Mouse

Here's one of the most love-worn toys in my collection: an extremely tattered 1920s somersaulting mouse (actually an early, unlicensed Mickey Mouse knockoff made by Schuco). Originally this mouse, about the size of the real thing, would have had inset felt ears, felt hands and feet, and cloth covering his arms and legs, but it's all been loved away. I realize a lot of people would have passed over this item, but when I spotted him buried in a pile of rusty keys, chipped marbles, and broken lead soldiers in a dealer's junk case, he looked so forlorn, and I just couldn't leave him there! 

Here he is being chauffeured about in his tin toy car by his friend, a tiny 1920s Schuco teddy bear:


  1. He's great, but I was extremely distracted by Dick Tracy. Have you highlighted him previously?

  2. No, I haven't featured Dick yet, but I'll do so asap for you!

    There's also some Little Orphan Annie tin stoves back there...this is sort of my "tin character toy" corner.

  3. This little driving bear is so cute... And the car they're riding in is also fun. Your treasures are wonderful. I always enjoy seeing what you have.

  4. I received this mouse as a party favor. Loved his jaunty air, stiffly fuzzy coat, red suit, and the wheezy clockwork sound he made as his long arms somersaultedm him over and over. I've looked for him in vain and am pleased to see that one of his family is being carefully tended - and chauffered about in that spiffy car by his bear friend.

    Do you ever discuss children's books? I have several little-known titles I'd love to mention.

  5. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for your story: what an amazing party favor to receive! If you're still in need of a replacement, I have a teddy bear dealer friend who has one in minty, working condition at her site:
    If the link doesn't work, her shop is at, and the mouse is listed in the Toys category.

    I haven't done any children's books yet, but I will try to do some soon for you. What sorts of books are you interested in?