Monday, May 31, 2010

Antique Milton Bradley Ten Pins Set

One of my greatest garage sale finds yesterday was this wooden tabletop ten pins set, made by Milton Bradley in the 1900s. The pins and balls are made of turned wood, and the pieces are in their original box. They all have a wonderfully smooth patina of age.


  1. I recently bought this set at a garage sale.... why cant i find ANY info online about this? What's it worth? whats the exact age? so curious!

    1. Congrats, great find! And you're right, there's no info. anywhere. At least with the box, we know its by Milton Bradley. I'd say 1900s, but can't get more specific than that. Saw one in an antique store priced at $65.

    2. wow, good to know. I did notice that 3 of my pins are larger then the others. any of yours like that?

    3. Mine had one pin larger than the others...I guess its the kingpin.