Saturday, May 22, 2010

Country Antique Show Report

Another rainy day, another antique show...this one quite a distance from home, waaaaay out in the countryside, but well worth it.

Finds included:

     -a pair of early 1900s toddler's boots, in black and brown leather,
perfect for an antique teddy bear

     -the craziest looking bear I've ever seen: a 1950s British ted with
huge eyes, a big felt nose, and a
      smile that fills up the bottom third of his head

     -and a motorized Steiff dealer display from the 1980s, 
featuring a huge, revolving teddy bear

Pics soon!


  1. Sorry I've been remiss at keeping up with all your newly found treasures, but the Steiff display you picked up in May woke me right up tonight. Is there a pic somewhere? Happy Thanksgiving to you from Dorothy.

  2. Hi Dorothy!

    Yes, pics here:

    It's potentially for sale, if you're interested...

    Happy Thanksgiving!